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Galvanica Formelli was established in 1999 from the long experience in the gold jewellery sector of its founder, Franco Formelli, and his son Alberto who have been managing the business since then with perseverance and a longsighted approach. In its early days the company concentrated on the surface treatment of gold and silver jewellery items.

Following the experience gained over the years,in 2014 Alberto decided to include the fashion accessorysector in order to satisfy the demands of a wider clientele.

Quality Certification

accrediaglobeThe search for a quality product has always been one of the main objectives and a requirement of increasingly demanding customers. The company felt the need to equip itself with a more complete and methodical instrument to ensure correct efficient company management which then contributes decisively to the quality of the service and customer satisfaction. To improve its quality management, Galvanica Formelli decided that the best solution forits needs was to adopt a quality management system based on the standard UNI ENO 9001:2008.