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Laser Marking

With several years of experience behind it, Galvanica Formelli is now able to offer a laser marking service for various types of metal. Using laser sources the engraving can be done to different depth parameters, resulting in extremely precise high definition work with the creation of bas-relief for enamelling and setting stones. It is also possible to mark finished products and with rotation. Designs can also be done to satisfy any of the customer’s graphic and creative requirements.


The continual search for a quality product has led the company to set up an entire department dedicated to cleaning. This enables us to take action and make corrections promptly, thus obtaining maximum quality and various finishes. With the cleaning process it is also possible to carry out the cleaning after laser marking.

Certified thickness measurement

Special care is given to quality control and product guarantee. This is why the composition of the thicknesses is measured using X-STRATA920 to guarantee the electroplated coats. Furthermore, a spectrometer is used to measure the quality of the colour in order to comply with customer requests and technical specifications.


Analytical laboratory

The company has found it necessary  to set up a department for prompt inspection in loco of the baths. Using sensitive instruments such as the Hull Cell, Taw Cells and X-rays, the electroplating baths are constantly monitored and maintained at the highest level of yield.