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Galvanica Formelli has two plants to offer static, manual, automatic galvanic treatments and barrel galvanizing both glossy and vintage effect and the first automatic system dedicated to the world of shoulder straps in all finishes.
customization on all metals

Automated Galvanic uses a structure organized on three parallel lines of preparation and electroplating tanks with a line dedicated to the Nickel process and two lines dedicated to the Nickel Free process. The plant has been designed mainly for the finishing of chains in various materials: brass, copper, aluminum, brass/aluminum and copper/aluminum, plastic materials (ABS) and steel.
The management of the water in the tanks containing detergents and raw materials has been the subject of a very thorough and accurate study; in fact, the automatic galvanic alone is accompanied by a water treatment that allows the filtering of 80,000 liters/h with a considerable saving of the water supplied from the well. Filtering also allows you to eliminate all the ferrous and calcareous substances present in the water, obtaining demineralized water for the galvanic tanks, in order to achieve optimal results for the finishing cycles.

The Manual Galvanic
and the importance of experience

Manual Galvanic is used to finish some work cycles started in automatic galvanic and mainly where finishing processes with precious materials take place or where aging treatments take place with processes that use re-coverings through the use of tumblers or where painting is applied to bath for cataphoresis. Manual Galvanic can also be used for low production or for sampling.
Finishing with precious materials such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium and Platinum must be done manually and not automatically as these finishes can vary from day to day and do not follow a predefined cycle. For this type of finish, the experience of a professional must necessarily be used.


The Manual Galvanic also allows to carry out aging treatments, obtained with a mix of baths with precious materials and the passage in a machine designed and patented by Alberto Formelli; capable of carrying out these treatments on very delicate accessories that must be worked individually. Among the processes offered is the cataphoresis painting which allows to give a glossy, semi-glossy or matte finish and to protect and make the galvanic finish more resistant.