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Galvanica Formelli is able to finish, with the highest possible quality level, all types of metal accessories dedicated to fashion
A family business
for generations

Galvanica Formelli was born in 1999 from the many years of experience in the goldsmith sector of its founder, Franco Formelli and his son Alberto, who has led the business ever since with tenacity and foresight. Initially the company focused on the treatment of the precious surfaces of gold and silver items.
Following the experience gained over the years, in 2014 Alberto decides to open up to the fashion accessories sector, to satisfy the requests of a wider clientele.

FROM ambria holding
TO Minerva hub

Alberto Fornelli and his wife Marta decide in 2020 to make an important turning point in the development of the company by creating a strong operational and corporate synergy with Matteo Marzotto, heir to a centuries-old dynasty of textile and fashion entrepreneurs, within Ambria Holding. From 2022 with the entry into the Minerva Hub group, born from the union between Ambria Holding and XPP Seven, an important player in the sector, not only has an entirely new and important growth season opened for the company but also a phase of strong investments.

One of the most important expressions of Tuscan silversmith mastery applied to the treatment of precious surfaces for goldsmiths, silverware and the fashion sector.